Dofe Bronze Volunteering

Hello everyone! I’m Angelina Avinash and I have recently finished the Edukid 3 month Bronze Dofe program, To be honest before looking into volunteering roles I had never come across Edukid , and this for me was a real ‘wake up call’ to really delve in and understand what is going on in the world. I am most appreciative of Edukid’s organisation ,It has been absolutely inspiring working with Edukid , I can now understand how my role in the world can contribute into making others quality of life that much better.

I chose to raise money for the Cambodian project SDG6 of improving water and sanitation, I raised money by doing a raffle within my year and also getting sponsors through family. My raffle prize was a Sol De Janeiro travel kit and sold each ticket for 50p and 5 for £2. In the end I received many generous sponsors and donation, and In total raised £180 therefore 9 new water filters!!!

Volunteering with Edukid was very flexible, manageable and especially helpful to raise awareness and make an impact in the world without placing too much time towards .This shows how even the average person can help out which I believe is most impressive. As you saw what impact you made it encouraged you to keep going and to soon set new goals to be achieved.

I did not have any issues in doing this and overall found this as an amazing experience .This is something I can take with me and be proud for many years to come !

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