Work experience at Edukid

Edukid is a charity that I have always known and heard about from a young age. As a result of this I have always wanted to go on one of the trips that Edukid run and find out more about the charity and how it functions. So in February 2023 I finally had the opportunity to go to Uganda on one of the trips and I enjoyed every minute of it. So when it came to having to find work experience in March, I arranged for two days of work experience at Edukid’s office to find out more.

So far the opportunity of securing work experience with Edukid has enabled me to see how the charity runs and what goes on ‘behind the scenes’. On my first day of work experience, I helped to write the newsletter that is sent out to the people who help support Edukid’s project in Cambodia. The newsletter helps to keep them informed of what is going on in Cambodia and how they are helping to support the project. This was a brilliant opportunity as I felt I was making a direct contribution.

I have also had the opportunity to start Edukid’s global citizenship award, which I am really enjoying. It has helped me to find out more about Edukid as a charity and their goals. Which was what I wanted to get out of work experience at Edukid. Further to this, I have also had the chance to practise my writing skills through writing the newsletter about the projects in Cambodia but also through writing blogs like this one.

On day two of work experience, an assembly at a local primary school had been arranged, so I had the opportunity to see how Edukid functions in UK schools- aiming to build partnerships and educate, inspire and empower students as global citizens.

Overall, I have really enjoyed the opportunity of doing my work experience at Edukid, it has helped me to find out more about the charities goals and how they achieive these but also about how the charity functions. This has been an invaluable experience that I have thoroughly enjoyed and learnt from.

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