My first fundraising experience by Aisha Hudson, year 10

As a student, it is often difficult to comprehend a lot of what’s going on in the world. In my experience, I have always been told that many things are “out of my control” and I can’t make a positive impact on the wider world around me, and the many lives that have faced the consequences of war, famine, inequality and injustice are distant and detached from us. With Edukid, I can make an impact and not just in my local community.

Me and Freya are doing our silver Dofe with Edukid and this picture is us at our first fundraising event. We did a 10 mile litter pick from Bideford to the Puffing Billy and back where not only did I raise £90 through sponsorships and fundraising on the walk but we both had the opportunity to talk to local community members about not only Uganda and gender equality, however also the devastating impact that litter causes to the wildlife and environment. It was a really eye-opening experience and even productive, as we filled two bin bags with litter over the course of the day. 

I am fundraising for gender equality in Uganda and providing the opportunity for girls to access better hygiene and sanitary products. Additionally, I am supporting RISE which is a project that aims to put a stop to domestic and sexual abuse and provide equal education for girls, the physically disabled or those who have often been rejected from schools and discriminated against.

Volunteering with Edukid has sparked my interest in political oppression across the world and the various projects that can be undertaken to change Uganda and society worldwide. With Edukid, I can earn a Global Citizenship Award and make an active contribution to the negative current state of affairs in the world such as poverty and deprivation. Over these last 3 months I’ve learnt that change is just around the corner, and Edukid has inspired me to pursue justice and equality, and to never accept any form of infringement of rights.

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