Uganda 2023

Over the past week, I was very fortunate to be able to travel to Gulu, Uganda to work with the charity Edukid – a charity that works to provide education for those in need.

As a group we visited two schools, Kirombe and Koch Goma, where we were welcomed in such a bright and lively way; introducing us both to their beautiful culture as well as the children within it. Who we soon after were able to spend time with and learn their stories.

These children were always so happy to see us and spend time with us, always had a huge smile on their faces and a positive outlook; to the point where it was easy to forget how difficult their lives are back home. Because for me, I knew there was poverty in that area of Uganda going into the trip, I just didn’t know the full extent of it.

As part of the trip, we conducted home visits to meet individuals within the program, learn their stories and see how we can help them. My group met a young boy within the SEND program of Edukid (due to his epilepsy) called Obama who lived with his older sister and blind Grandmother – which meant it was mainly him and his sister looking after her.

We were able to provide them with some necessities that they lacked, such as: mattresses, bedding, light, cutlery, mosquito nets (as Uganda is a malaria zone), also a way of supporting themselves with a goat and chickens, as well as short term and long term means of food: beans, maize – which was their main crisis at that point.

I would have to say my favourite part of the trip was telling Obama that I was going to be sponsoring his education. He was very happy at hearing the news and hugged me very tightly. He’s such a kind and ambitious person and deserves so much out of life, including an education.

So if you can, I would definitely recommend sponsoring a child. Education is the key to help bring people out of poverty as well as help them achieve their dreams. Every child should have that option and each one within the program works so hard and would be so grateful for your support. It’s such a simple way to change someone’s life.


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