Life Stories

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Life Stories

Life Stories

Releasing the impact of education


Bonnie’s Story

From street child to doctor

As a young girl, Bonnie would often be out until late collecting rubbish to sell.
Bonnie dreamt of becoming a doctor, a dream that seemed far out of reach for a girl from the slums…

Sen Sok village

A passion for the planet

A class of children in Sen Sok Village have been learning about the impact that plastic waste has on the environment. The students decided to respond to their lessons and take action…

Sinoeurn’s story

The next generation

Sinoeurn was supported through education by Edukid and has just finished university.
He now volunteers his time to teach the next generation of children coming through the Edukid project…


Jennifer’s story

A fight for girls rights

The barrier to education Jennifer faced was her uncle’s attitude. His belief saw educating females as pointless. On more than one occasion, he had informed her that she was to be married because nobody was willing to pay for her school fees.

Ivan’s story

Reducing Inequalities

Ivan and his siblings were orphans being cared for by their 80-year-old grandmother.
The family were starving, with their malnourishment impacting greatly on their health- Ivan, in particular, was suffering.

Lucky Peace’s story

The need for inclusivity

Lucky Peace is partially blind, and is part of EDUKID’s ‘Inclusive Education Programme’ that focuses on enabling children with Special Educational Needs and diverse abilities to access education.

UK- Global Citizenship Programme

Kara’s story

How the Global Citizenship Programme changed Kara’s journey

From the age of 17 Kara has been involved with Edukid. She is now studying a PHD in international development. Find out how she is using it to make a difference…

Sophie’s story

How the Global Citizenship Programme changed Sophie’s journey

Sophie, a former student, was inspired by Edukid’s international projects in Uganda and Cambodia and decided to be a part of Edukid’s apprenticeship scheme. She is now employed to…

Caitlin’s story

How the Global Citizenship Programme changed Caitlin’s journey

Caitlin was a student of one of Edukid’s partner schools and went out to visit the international projects. On her return, she began to follow Edukid’s student pathway, becoming an apprentice in…

Katie’s story

A journey that changed Katie forever

Katie, a former students from Bideford College recalls her experience on a recent trip to Uganda…

Alice’s story

From student to trustee