My work experience with Edukid

Knowing I was going to work with Edukid, I couldn’t help but feel anxious as to what I was going to be doing and what tasks I would be given. Never having worked before, let alone in an office space, I questioned if I was capable of working for a non-profit organisation that specialises in helping countries overseas. This was my dream; to be a part of something that I admire so much, even if only for a week, is daunting however incredibly exciting.

When I first arrived, I knew I had made the right decision. Thinking that I wouldn’t be doing activities that were essential to the company, I was happily mistaken. Immediately, I had the chance to have a meeting with the director of the Cambodia project Edukid runs and even helped organise a schedule for the upcoming Cambodia trip, which will take place in the summer of 2023. I had the opportunity to gather information to create a newsletter and partly wrote it myself. Already on day 1, I made more of an impact than I ever thought I would.

Everyday, I have learnt something new- both in skills and in the stories of people from around the world. My computer skills have progressed significantly as now I am confident in basic graphic design and have even used creativity in my work, something I never thought I could develop when I first started on Monday. I can really see the knowledge I have from school being applied in my daily endeavours and showing themselves up in my work.

But the stories are unbelievable: students, children, teachers, directors. Sifting through the emotional and remarkable lives of those in Uganda and Cambodia, I am hopeful for the change that can happen and appreciative of all the love, compassion and resilience that circulates across the globe and the dedication of Edukid. Here I can have a glimpse of all of these hard-working charities behind the scenes, and the positive ripple they make within nations where inequality prevails.

Honestly, I don’t want to go back to school. Here, I can feel important in my work, and make an active contribution to something I so passionately believe in- justice. Working with Edukid has left me a lot to think about, including my own role as a student in this constantly changing, diverse world.

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