Duke of Edinburgh: Volunteer

Passionate about making the world a better place? About equality and opportunity for every individual?

Sometimes it feels like it isn’t possible to make a dent in the problems facing our world today. Somebody once said it feels like they are just a ‘drop in the ocean’. What they perhaps didn’t notice, is that their ‘drop’ in the ocean made a HUGE ripple effect that impacted everything around it.

Through volunteering with Edukid, we want to show you that you are capable of making huge ripples of change,
even within communities based overseas. You are a global citizen with the power to transform lives through relatively small actions.

So, the next question is: How?

Take part in our volunteering programme at bronze and silver to find out.

How to get involved!

  1. Sign up by following this link: sign up here
  2. Download our volunteer programme packs below
  3. Choose a teacher you see often to assess your work each week
  4. Follow the week-by-week guide in your downloadable pack and make sure you upload your work to the DofE app.

If you need help to get started with your fundraising, click here