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Welcome to the Student Blog!

This space is for students to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings after…

  • Returning from a trip to one of Edukid’s International Projects.
  • Taking part in Edukid’s D of E volunteering programme or Global Citizenship Awards Programme.
  • Learning from our Deeper Thinking papers, teaching resources or YouTube videos.
  • Taking on a challenging fundraising event for Edukid.

Student posts

  • Dofe Bronze Volunteering

    Hello everyone! I’m Angelina Avinash and I have recently finished the Edukid 3 month Bronze Dofe program, To be honest before looking into volunteering roles I had never come across Edukid , and this for me was a real ‘wake up call’ to really delve in and understand what is going on in the world.… read on

  • My journey with Edukid

    My journey with Edukid

    In 2019 I travelled to Uganda with the EDUKID team to meet the schools and families that they work with. Five years later I have taken a day away from work to catch up with the team and reflect on how my trip to Uganda has remained one of the most important experiences that I… read on

  • thank you edukid

     Hi ! My name is Tilly and I chose Edukid for my bronze Dofe volunteering. I chose Edukid because I felt inspired by other people’s impacts, and thought this would be a good way to complete my volunteering section,and make a real difference. I chose to raise money for sanitary products for girls in Uganda,… read on