Edukid – DofE Bronze Volunteering

Hello! My name is Aman Sheikh and I am just completing the DofE bronze award online volunteering that is offered by Edukid. I initially chose it from being recommended by a friend and have really enjoyed it. We chose the Zero Hunger SDG, and decided to raise money to get families in Uganda access to goats. We raised money through a sponsored walk where we added 30 mins of walk for every 5 pound received. We walked about 13.5km in total for about 6 hours with lunch and breaks. We invited friends and shared our posters with our families and school for sponsors and support! In total we actually received 125 pounds which was amazing.

Volunteering with Edukid has been really flexible and good, especially if you want to make a difference but struggle with being social like I do. The event organising encourages you to come out of your shell and have fun as since its YOU organising it, it doesn’t have to be so stressful! Once you email for a place in the program, you get a response really quickly which I found quite useful, and they check in to make sure you are getting on well. There are lots of easily accesable resources to help you all online and all you need is an adult assessor to check your work in-person every week, which can be a school teacher.

I didn’t have many issues and overall this was a really fun and educational experience as I now constantly find myself sharing why having a goat is a good source of income, food, and skills.

Thank you for reading!

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