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National Schools Programme

Edukid’s National School Programme (NSP) caters for reception age right through to university.

Each year we fly pupils and teachers out to our projects abroad, where they can gain a better insight of the challenges faced by other, talk to the children, families and teachers, and ask the questions they see as relevant.

The films give a voice to children living with the effects of poverty and conflict and enable them to talk about the issues as they see them.

We then create lesson plans and teaching resources to support these films.

Schools/classes/pupils can enable children living in poverty to access education for the first time through our sponsorship programme. In conflict areas such as Palestine we can link your school/teacher/class/School Council directly with your vetted counterparts.

Our aim is to enable UK pupils to grow year on year in their understanding of the issues, and to feel empowered as global citizens to be part of the solution. From secondary school upwards we can take school trips out to meet their sponsored children, so they can see first-hand the difference they are making.

Teacher exchanges are also possible in three countries

Feel free to download a copy of our National Schools Programme Brochure.

Get involved

Choose the country you would like to follow, then register your school.

You can then download the films,  and resources you need.

All our resources are free. We simply ask that you provide outlets for your students to react by making a positive difference, this way they can channel their response in productive ways and feel empowered and not disabled. In 99% of situations pupils choose to do some kind of fundraising. This enables us to reach out to more children involved in our projects and we are then able to offer more learning opportunities to your school.

Creating Lasting Relationships

For Edukid, everything that we do is about relationships: relationships with students in the UK and in our projects overseas. Education is a human right and by encouraging young people to explore their role as global citizens, we are helping them to understand just why education is so important, as well as the importance of their role in helping others.

Schools support Edukid in several ways. From nursery and primary schools supporting one or two children by making cakes, organising sponsored runs, and holding jumble sales, to secondary schools who get to know their children, who fundraise for a community and visit that community to see the impact of their support. We value our partnership with every school and recognise the huge impact that our work can have on students in the UK and their counterparts overseas.

A UK pupil with Ugandan childrenKara Shepherd from Bideford College heard about Edukid in her sixth form assembly. She visited Uganda. On her return she told her sixth form about her trip, who in turn decided to sponsor 4 children. This inspired the rest of the year groups to sponsor a further 5 children. Kara has now gone back to volunteer in Uganda and is currently studying International Development at university. Sixth formers continue to visit year in year.

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Students from Great Torrington School fund raised for 18 months so they could visit our Cambodia project. Individuals from this group have now left school, but personally sponsor children. Some are now social workers or teach and one is now a trustee.


We regularly visit our projects in Cambodia, Uganda and Palestine. We can cater for individuals, groups and school trips. Our trips tend to be life-changing for most delegates and are an opportunity to share stories, witness the challenges faced by others, educate and empower. If you would like to know more about our trips, please email

School trip to Cambodia