Your Business


It’s a simple fact that people give to charities who spend less on administration. This is because they would like every penny of their donation to go where it counts.

Edukid is able to follow this wish by working in partnership with companies. We need companies to help us in all sorts of ways – from web designers to publishing firms and marketing. Whatever your company there is usually a skill that Edukid could use in order to reach out to more people and help more children.

Companies feel that supporting a charity in this way often costs comparatively very little, but makes a huge difference. It is also a fact employees and customers prefer to work with a company that has a proven track record of caring for people.

Should you feel your company could help Edukid please contact us. We have Edukid logo’s and pop-up banners you can use on your promotional material showing how your company is involved.

How you can help

Your company can help in many ways.

The obvious one is to sponsor children. For example sponsoring one child per employee sends a very positive message to your staff on how your company cares for people. We can the sponsored child updates direct to your employees, adding the personal touch.

You or your staff could donate hours from your working week/month. This would help us hugely in moving forward as a charity. We need administrators, accountants, IT, etc.

You could give your staff extra holiday allowance for anyone that wanted to visit our projects. This would enable your staff to share their skills with our projects abroad, plus it would provide a very active link person on their return.

Some companies like British Gas, and BT match fund employees fund raising. This enables employees to feel empowered and feel a strong sense of achievement to the difference they are making.

Include Edukid in your news letters. This way you clients get to hear about our work and have the opportunity to be involved. It shows the caring side of your company also, and it costs you virtually nothing.

Every child in our projects who attends university has graduated and found work. We currently help 1,805 children. Only 7 of whom have university scholarships. A university placement costs between £350-£1,500 depending on what they study. Imagine if you are an engineer helping someone living in a mud hut graduate in your profession, and the impact this would have on their wider family and friends. Students repay this loan when they find work, which in turn leads to another student scholarship, so your money is recycled over and over again.

In Northern Uganda employment is very difficult to find, so when a child finishes school we ask them what job they would like to do. We then train them for two years in this profession and give them a small business loan, so they can earn an income straight away. We have people studying agriculture, mechanics, hairdressing, etc. Around £350 will enable us to give a small business loan to one person. When the loan is repaid the money is recycled to the next student. See an example of a UK company helping a person needing a small business loan (film still to be edited and due by summer 2015).

Our Corporate Sponsors

Edukid gratefully acknowledge the following companies and the role they play in helping us reach more children in poverty and conflict: