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Girls’ Dormitory

At Edukid, we continually strive to improve the educational opportunities for children affected by poverty and conflict and we currently help just over 2,000 children access education. We started working with our Ugandan partners in 2012 and now provide 259 Ugandan children with the resources, fees and additional support that they need in order to… Read more »

Introducing Hope & Fortune….

One of the best things about having a charity is that we meet some incredibly inspirational people along the way. From people who join us on our trips, to child sponsors, volunteers and trustees; everyone has a story and everyone is motivated by their desire to make a difference. We love building new relationships with… Read more »

Charity concert Sing to Break the Cycle returns for 2018

After the success of 2017, we are thrilled that our charity concert, Sing to Break the Cycle, will return on 19th October 2018. It is fair to say that we were totally overwhelmed by the feedback and success of last year’s concert. The most important factor is that every young performer loved the experience. Watching… Read more »

Changing Lives in Uganda: Vicky’s Story

Meet Vicky. Six months ago, Vicky’s life was good – tough, but good. She lived in a rural area near Gulu with her husband and six children. Her three eldest children went to school, she and her husband worked hard and although they were by no means wealthy, they managed. Tragically, in September 2017, Vicky’s… Read more »

A Classroom In A Box

At Edukid, we are constantly looking for the most effective way to help as many children as possible, without detracting from the personal, one-to-one support that makes our work so effective. In the last year, we discovered a piece of technology that has the potential to revolutionise the way in which children in some of… Read more »

The Ugandan Civil War – a Brief History

Uganda has had a troubled past, plagued by despotic leadership and civil war for half a century. As distressing as Uganda’s past is, it is important that we understand a little about what the men, women and children in Uganda have endured, so that we may better understand their situation today and to build a… Read more »

Edukid’s Thirteen Ride to Break the Cycle

Ride to Break the Cycle 2016 took place in May this year, and the cyclists did brilliantly. Riding around 250 miles, the team tackled up to 12,000 feet of hills (depending on the route they took and whether or not they got lost!). Split into four stages over 72 hours, cyclists set off from St… Read more »

Alice’s Cambodia, Tuesday October 20th

Today we went to Srey Da’s village about 20km North of Phnom Penh. About 15 years ago their village was destroyed by a fire. They were moved to another village that was separated into lots and they all had their own bit of land. There were no trees for shelter and no water, so it… Read more »

Alice’s Cambodia, Monday 19th October

We arrived in Cambodia last night. It was very hot and very busy driving through Phnom Penh and  I was really excited when we got to our hotel which is lovely. I have a king sized bed to myself! Today we met Johnny at the Care For Cambodia’s base. We met Srey da too, she… Read more »

Alice’s Cambodia, Sunday 18th October

We have arrived in Cambodia! We stopped in Bangkok for 2 days to visit friends. We ate lots of Thai food, and visited some amazing temples. My three words to describe Bangkok are hot, overwhelming and busy! It is a city of contrasts. There are brand new buildings next to ancient temples, there are really rich… Read more »