Sinoerun’s Story

Sinoeurn, who from a young age was supported through education by Edukid, has just finished university with a degree in civil engineering.

Each day,  Sinoeurn now gives his time back to the village he grew up in, volunteering to teach the next generation of children coming through the Edukid project.

The children that Sinoeurn teach are from very poor backgrounds. COVID19 has prevented the class from being able to meet and the virus is therefore jeopardising the opportunity for the children to study, take exams and gain qualifications.

Sinoeurn has gone above and beyond to ensure that the students are still able to learn.

Alongside the other village teachers, he has been setting up extra support for those students who are on the verge of exams by preparing lessons and setting homework through videos and distanced visits. The classrooms are now meeting again and Sinoeurn is now able to support students in person.

We are so grateful to Sinoeurn and the other village teachers for all they do in ensuring a good quality education for the children we support.