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Edukid is working in a remote part of the Amazon Rainforest with Awajun indigenous villagers and local communities.  They have requested help sending their children upriver to school.

Daily boat travel is simply too costly for the families we work with, therefore, many of the Awajun children remain in Imactia for extended periods of time whilst their families remain in their home villages. Some pupils stay alone in Imacita for a year at a time.

On a recent visit, Edukid discovered that groups of children as young as 7, were living without adults, sharing cramped wooden shacks and with little money to provide for themselves, living on as little as one boiled potato per day. Edukid’s mission is to remove the barriers to education that children living in extreme poverty face. Therefore, we are working alongside community leaders and the schools in order to establish a project that addresses the following needs:

The children we work with often spend the day at school with empty stomachs and have very limited diets. Edukid is providing a daily nutritional meal to pupils in order that they are able to grow strong, feel healthy and happy, and remained focused on their studies instead of their stomachs!

With lack of adult supervision and protection, many of the young children we support are extremely vulnerable. We are providing a social support worker who is able to identify the most vulnerable children in our projects and equip them with the necessary support, guidance, intervention and protection.

Edukid are working alongside two primary schools in order to increase the quality of education available to the children. Edukid are facilitating the schools with the materials required in order to improve learning for the pupils.

As students move on from primary to secondary school, we ensure that there is a pathway of opportunity for them to progress into vocational training or university. This enables students to achieve their dreams and secure independent futures free from the constraints of poverty.

Often, buying resources such as books and pens is a barrier to students being able to attend school. Edukid are equipping each child with the educational resources needed to be able to learn, alongside school uniform and additional clothing.