Update on Our Accounts


Edukid was established in 2003 – the result of one man’s dream to help a community that lived in poverty unlike anything he’d seen before. What started as a relatively small project has continued to grow year-on-year, and we are striving to make the most of every penny that is donated to us.

At Edukid, we aim to be transparent as possible with the work that we do, and where we spend your hard-earned money.

Edukid currently has one employee and two contractors; money for these people comes from private donors. This means that none of the money donated to Edukid is spent on wages for people in the UK.

Below is a graph showing how much of our total income (including donations) is spent on Charitable Activities. Charitable Activities include our donations to Cambodia, Uganda and Palestine, and work that we do in the UK and overseas.

We are thrilled that 88% of our income for 2016/2017 was spent on charitable activities. This is slightly higher than the average small-to-medium sized charity, who spend an average of 74% of their total income on charitable work.

We are continually striving to make sure that we are being as effective as possible in the work that we do. You can view our accounts for this and previous years here.

If you would like more information about Edukid, how we allocate funds, and the work that we do, please email adilla@edukid.org.uk.