Sing to Break the Cycle


For six years, Edukid have dreamt of holding a concert for local school children. Chris’s dream was to give children of all ages and abilities the opportunity to sing on a professional stage, bringing school communities together.

On 20th January 2017, that dream came too! Though challenging, Edukid managed to secure 6 schools who were able to offer complete commitment to the project. We also approached local adults’ choirs and invited them to support the event. After much stress, rehearsal and logistics, it happened, finally coming together in one incredible evening.

Initially, we were doubtful that the event would break even, due to costs of venue hire. However, we continued with the plan on the basis that we were doing it for the children here in the UK, and not to make money. In the end, thanks to the people who bought tickets, programmes and raffle tickets, the event made just over £1,500.

We were overawed and proud of how well each child behaved and the talent of our small community. What’s more, we were touched by the support of friends, parents and the broader community, who came to support the event. In addition to 230 performers, we sold about 270 tickets, meaning that each act was watched by at least 400 people! The support offered to every act as they came on and off the stage was humbling to say the least, and we are thrilled with the positive feedback that we have had from the audience. So much so, that we may even do it again next year!

Thanks go to Fitzgerald HR, Atlas Packaging and Holiday Cottages for sponsoring the event, and to BlueSoup Communications for their continued support.