Alice’s Cambodia, Monday 19th October

Tuk tuks can be a bit scary!

Tuk tuks can be a bit scary!

We arrived in Cambodia last night. It was very hot and very busy driving through Phnom Penh and  I was really excited when we got to our hotel which is lovely. I have a king sized bed to myself! Today we met Johnny at the Care For Cambodia’s base. We met Srey da too, she is lovely! CFC used to have a children’s home there but it was closed down just three months ago because the government want all children’s homes and orphanages in Cambodia to be closed as they think that children should be brought up in family homes. Lots of these children have gone back to their villages but CFC still looks after them and makes sure they are ok.

Edukid’s school packs are distributed by CFC and this week I will be visiting some of the villages and helping to give the packs out.

After we left the CFC office we went to the market. It was very busy and looked quite big from the outside and inside was crammed with things from clothes to bags and food! I could hear people talking and haggling and the rain pouring on the corrugated roof. I could smell food, rubbish and sweet smelling things. There were so many things to see and look at that I didn’t know where to start!

My best part of today was going around the market and seeing all the different, bright colours and food. My worst part was when a rubbish truck passed our tuk tuk REALLY slowly!

It is really hot, we are getting changed before we go to meet some of the university students who have had their education paid for by Edukid. I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow!


19th October – Part two

The Edukid Scholarship students with the English group

The Edukid Scholarship students with the English group

Tonight we met some of the university students and graduates who received Edukid scholarships. Three of them really stood out to me, Sineth, who has just qualified as a doctor, Bonnie who is in her fifth year of her medicine degree and Deena who was so poor that for 6 years her and her Mum shared one skirt and two shirts and took it in turn to use them.

We all had a meal together and then some of the students told us about themselves. Bonnie said “I never thought I would be here. I was just a rubbish girl and now I’m going to be a doctor”. Everyone cried (except me!).

Meg, Mummy, Johnny, Sineth and me.

Meg, Mummy, Johnny, Sineth and me.

At home I have lots of different clothes and it is easy for me to go to school because we have enough money. Their parents couldn’t even afford food or water sometimes. Bonnie told me that I can be anything I wanted to be if I really thought about it and tried my hardest.

Without Edukid these people would probably be working collecting rubbish and would still be very poor. Tomorrow we will visit Bonnie and Sineth’s village and see the surgery Sineth holds in his house!

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