Introducing Hope & Fortune….


One of the best things about having a charity is that we meet some incredibly inspirational people along the way. From people who join us on our trips, to child sponsors, volunteers and trustees; everyone has a story and everyone is motivated by their desire to make a difference. We love building new relationships with people who want to give a little back, and our newest partnership is all about just that.

We recently met Louise, a wonderful lady with incredible style! Louise runs Hope & Fortune Blankets, a fantastic brand that creates ethical, organic baby blankets that are kind to the environment and designed to last a lifetime. For a while, Louise has been waiting for the right charity to support on a long-term basis. We met up with Louise, talked about the work that we do and ways in which she can help. And so, a beautiful partnership was born…

We are thrilled to announce that Louise has launched a one-for-one scheme. It is quite simple: for every gorgeous organic blanket bought by a customer, Louise will donate one to a family in need in Uganda. In addition, Louise has pledged to donate 5% of each sale to Edukid, helping us to send Ugandan children to school and provide them with school packs and additional support as needed.

We took the first batch of blankets out to Uganda in February. With the help of our social worker we identified families that most needed help in a rural area in Northern Uganda. We also left some blankets with a health clinic for needy mothers. It was a privilege to be able to see the looks on some mothers’ faces as they received their new blankets; it was touching to see their joy and to know that the blankets would be cherished.

We adore Hope & Fortune’s products and are thrilled at our new partnership. To find out more about H&F and their stunning designs, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or check out their website.

Organic baby blanket, one for one Hope and Fortune Blanket, one for one