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Friday 9th October- UK….

My name isAlice Alice and I am 10. Soon I will be flying to Cambodia with Edukid. I will keep a blog every day to let people know about the things that I see and think and feel.

Edukid helps children to go to school. I first learnt about the charity when we went to a fundraising event. The children I saw in the video are just like me, except most of them can’t afford to go to school. I am going to Cambodia so that we can help children who can’t afford to go to school and so that I can meet them and come home and tell their story.

I feel excited and nervous about the trip. I am excited about seeing the children and helping to give out the Edukid packs. I am also looking forward to meeting the children and the adults too. I am nervous about going to different places and I am nervous because I don’t know what is going to happen or how I will feel if I see people who are very poor or very sad.

I think I will help to make a difference by going to Cambodia because people will see how important Edukid is and I will be able to show the children in Cambodia how important they are.

I know I will only make a small difference but when I come back I will tell people about the things I have seen and hope that they will learn about children from around the world and maybe sponsor a child too.

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