Ivan’s Story

When the EDUKID team first met Ivan in July 2019, he was living in chronic poverty. Ivan and his siblings were orphans being cared for by their 80-year-old grandmother.

The family were starving, with their malnourishment impacting greatly on their health- Ivan, in particular, was suffering. His stomach and eyes were swollen and he was struggling to take in breath, wheezing as he took Chris’ hand and explained “my mother is dead, my father is dead, and I miss them”.

The family of 6 were isolated, living deep in the Uganda bush in a hot, cramped Banda. They had no shoes or clothing apart from the rags they were wearing and none of the children had access to education.

The EDUKID team decided to take immediate action, providing emergency aid to the family. With support from those at home we were able to raise funds in order to gift the family with clothing, shoes, food, chickens, mattresses, cooking utensils, medical care. Ivan even received his very own teddy bear.

By sharing Ivan’s story, we were able to find sponsors for all of the children in the family. Ivan, his brothers and his sisters now attend school.

In early February 2020 we met Ivan again, only this time inside the school gates of his local Primary school!

The picture on the left is when the Edukid team first met Ivan back in July 2019. The picture on the right is a couple of days later when Ivan’s family received emergency aid.

The picture at the top is Ivan in February 2020. He is now studying at a local primary school school.