Edukid in Uganda

A Ugandan school supported by Edukid

A Ugandan school supported by Edukid

Edukid started work in Northern Uganda in 2008 – just 9 months after the 21 year child- soldier civil war finished. Tens of thousands of children returned from the bush, many finding they were orphans, or had no family members. Numerous girls also returned with siblings, meaning many were children-led families with no homes to return to or source of income.

Edukid helps children falling within six categories: former child soldiers; abductees; orphans; child-led families, those with HIV/AIDS and those living in chronic poverty. We provide both primary and secondary education. Some children chose to progress to the equivalent of our ‘A’ Level, but most choose to go onto vocational training. Students are then helped to prepare a business plan and are given a small business loan to enable them to set up in practice and earn an income.

Our films show what life is like before sponsorship, in primary/comprehensive school, at university, and after vocational training (after which they leave our programme). The individual stories speak of their lives, the issues they face and the hopes they now have. It features the daily routine of life, the vulnerability of the children (particularly girls) and their dreams and aspirations, making this programme suitable for school reception age right through to university students. All films come complete with lesson plans and further teaching resources.

Your school/class can directly help a child start school. You can follow their progress year on year, as well as write and visit them. Quite literally your school can personally take children living in a mud hut, with little or no family, and help transform them into skilled workers, able to support themselves and their wider family/community.

Did you know that according to the UNICEF statistics every child in the developing world that receives a primary school education lives an average of 7 years longer? Of course education is a continuous process, and if we start supporting a child through school we need to carry on from year to year. For this reason we ask schools to commit to their sponsored child for a minimum of 5 years.

The following package shows you the difference you can make both to your school and Ugandan children.

Simply register and tick the box that suits your commitment.

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Start a child’s education today!

£25 per month

Sponsors a child’s education. Each child will come from one of the categories mentioned above and otherwise be unable to attend school. Your money will be given to them as a grant which will enable them to pay for school and examination fees, study material, shoes, school bag, uniform and in some cases meals and accommodation where needed. We will also employ a local social worker to support and encourage them.

Your school will receive annual reports, films, lesson plans and further teaching resources. Our trained UK staff can also visit your school.


We are able to tailor this programme to the interest of any UK school. This can include arranging:

  • Teacher exchanges/visits
  • School trips – e.g visiting your sponsored children and their schools, safaris and boat trips along The Nile. Transport, translators, staff, accommodation, meals, flights and even the cameraman can be arranged for you.
  • Volunteer placements.|