Cambodia Stories


Srey Da

Srey Da was brought up in a huge city slum and left school at age 14 when the government burnt down her slum. The community was relocated to a field a 45 minute drive outside the capital. The field was divided into Lots and each Lot was given some corrugated iron. This is how Srey Da’s village started.

Srey Da noticed that all the street children who recycled bottles and plastics, were too poor to attend school. She started gathering them into her house and teaching them.

Edukid started working with Srey Da when she was 17 years old. Srey Da is now in charge of Edukid’s entire school programme – 1,665 children.

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Sineth – a boy from the slums

Sineth is a bright young man with an amazing future. He is studying to become a doctor and wants to be able to help the people in his country. Sineth feels he has seen a lot of Cambodian doctors in the past and all they think about is money, they are not kind to their patients or respectful even to the older people they treat. Sineth doesn’t want to be like that.

Sineth grew up in Tonle Bassac Squatter village in Phnom Penh. A ramshackled slum built over a swamp of sewage water. There were even times in the rainy season when his family would have to float on inner tubes through the sewage to reach their house when rain water flooded the area. His father worked as a cycle taxi driver to support his family.

The family and their neighbours were forcibly removed from the slum to a resettlement village which is where Sineth, his 3 brothers, his sister, his mother and father live today. Even though there was very little money in the family his parents have never lost the vision to keep their children in school whatever the cost and sacrifice in the hope that one day Sineth and his brothers and sister will have a better life. Now Sineth is being sponsored through Edukid which means that his living expenses, books and university fees will be paid for him until he graduates – all costs that his family would never have been able to bare.

Patrick from Ireland sponsored him has sponsored him annually through university for nine years. In the summer of 2015 Sineth will become a qualified doctor.

See the film about Sineth in the Cambodia videos page.

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