Updates and news from Edukid volunteers.

Alice’s Cambodia, Monday 19th October

We arrived in Cambodia last night. It was very hot and very busy driving through Phnom Penh and  I was really excited when we got to our hotel which is lovely. I have a king sized bed to myself! Today we met Johnny at the Care For Cambodia’s base. We met Srey da too, she… Read more »

Alice’s Cambodia, Sunday 18th October

We have arrived in Cambodia! We stopped in Bangkok for 2 days to visit friends. We ate lots of Thai food, and visited some amazing temples. My three words to describe Bangkok are hot, overwhelming and busy! It is a city of contrasts. There are brand new buildings next to ancient temples, there are really rich… Read more »

Cambodia trip – Alice’s blog

  Friday 9th October- UK…. My name is Alice and I am 10. Soon I will be flying to Cambodia with Edukid. I will keep a blog every day to let people know about the things that I see and think and feel. Edukid helps children to go to school. I first learnt about the charity when… Read more »