In Cambodia school is free, but thousands of children are still too poor to attend as they can’t afford the uniform, books and pens. Many schools are under resourced, meaning they have two sets of pupils – so children either attend school in the morning or in the afternoon. Consequently, even if a child can get the opportunity to go to school, their chances of changing the poverty that constrains them is limited.

Our films interview children of varying ages and backgrounds, including those living in slums, rural communities , and children with disabilities. Wider issues are also explored through interviews with parents and staff. All our films are made by teachers, youth workers or pupils from the UK who visited our projects and asked the questions they see as important and relevant. Topics include: citizenship, values, culture, faith, identity and hopes and dreams. All our films come with lesson plans and further teaching resources.

In each village we select two local people capable of teaching others, and provide them with training and resources to enable them to give an extra one hour’s supplementary education to each child every day after school.

Once a year, each child is supplied with a “school pack” that contains what they need to attend school for the year. All the clothing is individually sized to fit them. We also provide university scholarships, and have helped children become qualified nurses, doctors, accountants etc. The following packages shows the difference you can make both to your school and Cambodian children/ schools. Did you know that according to UNICEF statistics every child in the developing world that receives a primary school education lives an average of 7 years longer? Of course education is a continuous process, and if we start supporting a child through school we need to carry on from year to year. For this reason we ask schools to commit to the supported student for a minimum of 5 years.

Simply visit our website, register and tick the box that suits your commitment/complete and return the form on page 15 and we will do the rest!

£25 per month provides:

  1. A school pack containing school bag, uniform and study material for one child
  2. One hour’s supplementary education every day after school
  3. Supervision and monitoring of the programme both incountry and externally
  4. You will receive annual reports, films and lesson plans and further teaching resources.
  5. £45 per month provides:

  6. A student scholarship to start university and to realise their dreams
  7. You will receive monthly reports direct from your student


  • We are able to arrange: Teacher/school trips, where you can meet the children.