Days of Joy

Edukid funds a programme that provides psychosocial and emotional support to children affected by the ongoing conflict in the most affected areas of Gaza.

gaza-4Many children suffer from stress, anxiety, depression  and post-traumatic stress as a result of living in conflict and fear for the majority of their lives; these emotional needs prevent children from feeling happy and safe and serve as a barrier to the children’s ability to learn.

Days of Joy provides a safe, happy place where children can rediscover the child within and be encouraged to express and talk about their fears and anxieties.  This includes a wide variety of activities using creativity and play such as parachute games, trust activities, discussion groups, song and movement or dance; as well as feeding the children (or, in Ramadan, giving them food they can take with them for later).

In addition to providing a safe space for children to play, Days of Joy also improves a child’s self-esteem and their ability to control their emotions in a group setting, and enables children to recognise other children working through feelings of loss, fear and anxiety.

£15 a month could help change livesgaza-3

Just £15 a month will help 7 children to access Days of Joy and provide an additional ten psychosocial sessions to children most in need of help. Just fill in the form below:

Days of Joy Standing Order Form


Edukid’s National Schools Programme

Edukid staff at a Palestinian schoolPalestine is experiencing long-standing and complex conflict. Edukid and The National Union of Teachers have partnered to create a programme that gives a voice to children in Palestinian schools and the opportunity to share their experiences with pupils in the UK.

Our Palestinian National Schools Programme (NSP) comes complete with a number of short films of Palestinian children’s stories and thoughts, accompanied by lesson plans, and other resources. Human rights and the rights of the child, identity, community, culture, faith, values, citizenship and conflict are all explored within the NSP.

The following packages shows you the difference you can make both to your school and Palestinian children and schools. Simply register online and tick the box that suits your commitment and we will do the rest.

Days of Joy

Days of Joy is designed to help children overcome the trauma of war, rediscover the child within, and look at life with positivity and excitement again.

£180 a year provides:

  • Days of Joy for children living in the borders towns of Gaza
  • Each activity is designed to enable children to express their emotions, so that we can identify those experiencing the most trauma and offer them up to 10 psychosocial sessions.
  • £180 pounds supports 7 children in our Days of Joy Programme and offers up to 10 psychosocial sessions.

Creative Arts

We sponsor a programme in a refugee camp in the West Bank that enables children to channel their feelings and emotions in positive ways through, music, dance and art.

£500 a year provides:

  • Musical instruments, Dabka costumes (for traditional dance) and art equipment
  • The children in the camp have recorded the traditional Dabka dance for pupils in the UK to learn.  Why not get your class to record a dance for the children in Palestine to learn!

Download a sponsor form for Palestine